Aging Skin

INTRINSIC AGING: This is the way our skin ages despite what we do or do not do to our skin.

GENETICS; is probably the major influence in this, look at your older family members and you will have a good idea as to how your skin will act as you age.

PHYSIOLOGY; how our bodies work and way each cell, muscle or organ performs and copes with the stresses we are exposed to. This includes the loss of volume, loss of elasticity and the effect of gravity has on these losses.

EXTRINSIC AGING: This accounts for 85% of aging, in other words you do have a responsibility to look after your skin and not rely on the fact that your mother has beautiful ageless skin.

SUN EXPOSURE; this is the most extensive and potentially dangerous aging factor.

POLLUTION/OZONE; often over looked when we are thinking about what our skin is exposed to and damaged by.

SMOKING; not only does this affect our internal organs it also has a dramatic effect on our skin (our body’s largest organ).

DIET; what we ingest can have both a positive and negative effect on our skin.

STRESS/SLEEP; how we are as a whole is going to show in our skin. Burning the candle at both ends is going to show on your most visible feature.