Always Remember…

Always remember you are braver than you believe 
Stronger than you seem 
Smarter than you think
And twice as beautiful as you’d ever imagined 
 – Anon

I know that time has not really played tricks on me, each day really did have 24 hours, week 7 days and year 52 weeks. But it really does seem that it was just yesterday you were a baby in my arms looking to me, needing me, wanting me to supply you with love, comfort and safety.

I held your hand as you learned to walk, picked you up when you fell and hugged you tight when the world’s dark fingers stretched out to grasp you.

With every step you took I walked beside you watching over you, celebrating your accomplishments, wondering at your strength and admiring your spirit.

In this journey called life you have jumped over hurdles thrown in your way, conquered mountains that seem insurmountable and battled giants that would have defeated less worthy opponents.

As I watched and marveled suspended in time and space, you grew from that babe in arms to the beautiful young woman that now stands in her place. I want to cry foul, I need to turn back the clock, to revisit the days I squandered the minutes that did not seem to matter because of the mundane nature of day to day life. Not realizing that I would morn the times now so far behind me that memories have blurred, running together, some scenes even deleted with no evidence that they ever existed.

I thought when I carried your life in those boxes up the stairs to that barren uninviting room, there would be a return journey, that you would always return, always come back to me. But that is not what life is about, clocks do not run backwards, time marches on not caring who or what it stomps on. I was never meant to keep you forever at my side. If I have done my job correctly or even half way close to it, you will continue to grow, explore and live a life that no longer depends on me. You are forging your own path. A path that now leads you to the end of yet another chapter, after 4 years of hard work, hard knocks and even harder lessons of life, you have earned the right to don the gown, place the cap on your head and walk across the threshold of your next big adventure.


Helen Scott

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