Loving the Journey

“If you don’t love where you are right now, you won’t love where you are going. Here is what I know: People who are passionate about what they do every day and love where they are in life are the fortunate ones. They have discovered their purpose. They are the difference makers who fully understand the gift of adding value, and yes, they can’t help but love where they are going on their journey”

John C. Maxwell


As a family we have a saying ‘it’s always an adventure with the Scotts.’ When we take a step forward we never really know if it is going to be on solid ground or a little rocky. I wonder if we looked back, would we remember and appreciate more the paths that took us on the smooth road or at the end of the day does everything melt into the adventure and those rocky times blur through time. For example the time that I slept on the floor of an apartment in the middle of a circle of roach motels, that night seemed unending the dawn was never coming, but, of course it did end and the sun did rise. I survived and now look back on it as part of one of the most memorable weeks I had; remembering it in great detail even though it was nearly 30 years ago.

I started working in a dental office in 1982, new out of college and looking for my role in life. I vividly remember loading my very first dental syringe with local anesthetic, and the pure excitement I felt. Looking back it is amazing how that first position has stayed with me through the years of my career in dentistry. Scary to think about it but it has been over 30 years since loading that very first syringe and I still find excitement in the job that I do.

The road that I have taken has not always been stable, and I have certainly had to break through my share of road blocks…been beaten and bruised by some of them but stood back up and moved on. I try to accept each and every challenge thrown my way and to see them as an opportunity, to help, learn, and grow. I embrace each and every time I have the occasion to learn from my peers and mentors, from true 100% educational courses to the emotional introspective times that allow me to learn more about myself and how I interact with those I come into contact with.

One of the greatest things for me is that my job has continued to evolve and develop, while staying fairly faithful to the premise that first bought me into this career, which is giving care to those that pass through my door. Whether that is in the form of assisting with the procedure being performed, actually hands on with my facial aesthetic clients or educating regarding dental implants or facial skin care.

In turn, I look forward to where this journey continues to take me and the adventures that will be given to me; I plan to grab hold of and experience each and every opportunity given to me and hope that you have the passion to do the same.


Helen Scott

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