Apicoectomy Monroe, Mint Hill and Charlotte

If your tooth becomes infected, your general dentist may treat it by conducting a root canal. However, if the root canal fails to remove the infection completely, you may benefit from treatment by a specialist.

Union Oral Surgery‘s doctors perform apicoectomy procedures for Monroe, Mint Hill and Charlotte patients to remove diseased tissue around the tip of the tooth root. When traditional root canals do not fully resolve an infection, this approach may eliminate the concern and prevent ongoing discomfort.  

The specialists in our practice have decades of experience in oral surgery and the treatment of periodontal disease. As our patient, you can expect gentle and attentive care. Our expertise and close coordination with your general dentist will help us evaluate your needs, identify the best option for your treatment, and provide an effective outcome and a high-quality experience.

About Apicoectomy

Typically, an apicoectomy is the final attempt at salvaging a tooth that would otherwise be considered for removal. Our Monroe-area patients usually have an apicoectomy after their root canal has failed or if a repeat root canal is not possible.

The aim of the procedure is to help you retain your tooth, resolve the infection, and improve any discomfort you may have. During the apicoectomy, your Union Oral Surgery doctor will:

  • Remove the very tip of the tooth root.
  • Clean out the infected area.
  • Add a filling material into the root canal.

The procedure typically takes 30-45 minutes and only requires a day or two of recovery.

The Benefits of Apicoectomy

Having an apicoectomy can improve or resolve the symptoms of a tooth infection, which include:

  • Pain when chewing or putting pressure on the affected area.
  • Lingering sensitivity to hot or cold.
  • Tenderness, swelling, or changes in a tooth’s appearance.

An apicoectomy also help retain a tooth that would otherwise require removal and restoration. Typically, Union Oral Surgery performs an apicoectomy for Monroe, Mint Hill and Charlotte patients who have problems with teeth in noticeable or important locations. If you have continuing concerns with a front tooth or with one that anchors a dental bridge, it may be worth having an apicoectomy to salvage the tooth rather than replacing it. 

What Patients Can Expect with Apicoectomy

Patients often visit Union Oral Surgery following a referral from their general dentist. If you have had a root canal and have not experienced improvement in your symptoms, we welcome you to schedule an appointment with our practice.

During your visit, you and one of our oral surgeons will discuss your treatment to date. The doctor will conduct a comprehensive examination of the tooth and will usually take radiographs of the area around the root tip. This can help in identifying whether there is additional disease that needs to be eliminated.

Before moving ahead with the procedure, you and your doctor will discuss the pros and cons of treatment. Even an expertly performed apicoectomy may not resolve the infection, and as a result, you may still need to have the tooth removed afterwards. While alternative solutions, such as dental implants, are highly predictable and usually successful, the results of an apicoectomy are tied to factors such as:

  • The position of the tooth.
  • The patient’s age.
  • The type of treatment the tooth has already received.

Our practice can help you evaluate the likelihood of a successful outcome. Should you decide to move forward, you will return to our Monroe-area offices for the apicoectomy. Usually, your doctor will conduct the procedure under local anesthesia.

Following the apicoectomy, you should have minimal swelling and discomfort. Patients usually notice little impact on their ability to eat most foods. Expect to take pain medication and antibiotics as advised by your doctor and to return to our practice 2-3 times so that we can ensure that treatment has alleviated your symptoms.

If a root canal has not eliminated your tooth infection, you may be a good candidate for an apicoectomy. Schedule an appointment in Monroe, Mint Hill or Greater Charlotte with Union Oral Surgery to learn more.