Multiple Teeth Removal Aftercare

Union Oral Surgery offers these guidelines for multiple teeth removal aftercare to help patients have the most comfortable experience and successful outcome possible. These recommendations are a useful but not exhaustive overview of what to expect following your procedure. We encourage you to contact us with any questions along the way.

Typically, it takes 3-5 days to heal from surgery. We advise you to go home and rest after your procedure and plan only light activity the day afterward. Expect to be back to your normal schedule by the third day, provided that you aren’t involved in intensely physical activities.

Most patients don’t need a follow-up visit with their doctor. However, your case may differ, and your doctor may prefer to see you back at our offices as part of multiple teeth removal aftercare if:

  • You have a complex medical history or oral health condition.
  • You are having additional oral surgeries with our practice. Patients often have extractions to make room for tooth restorations such as dental implants.

Managing Discomfort

Following your surgery, your doctor will prescribe you an oral antibiotic to prevent infection. You will also receive a mild pain medication and a stronger pain medication. Take the stronger medication on the day of surgery and the day after. By Day 3, you should be able to manage discomfort with the mild pain medication alone. Our office can talk with you about adjusting this regimen if your discomfort is too high.

You’ll also get an ice pack after your procedure. Surgery can create a lot of swelling, which can increase sensitivity and discomfort. Apply this pack after multiple teeth removal, and you can reduce the swelling significantly. Our rule of thumb is to use the ice pack for at least two hours with 20-minute breaks after every 20 minutes of use.

Stitches and Bandages

Your doctor may place stitches to help you heal following the procedure. Union Oral Surgery uses completely absorbable stitches, which dissolve to a jelly-like texture within 3-5 days.  

Your doctor will also advise you to apply gauze sponges to the surgical sites after multiple teeth removal. Managing bleeding can help you be more comfortable and heal faster. Change the gauze every 15 minutes for about 2 hours. (Some patients require longer.) Expect the sites to have small amounts of bleeding over the next 24 hours.

Diet and Oral Hygiene as Part of Multiple Teeth Removal Aftercare

Patients should pay special attention to the way they eat and brush following surgery. After teeth extraction, their surgical sites need special care to ensure that they heal properly:

  • Stick to soft foods. Choose items you can chew easily, but that still offer plenty of nutrition.
  • Do not rinse or spit for 24 hours. Doing so can put unnecessary strain on the surgical sites and stitches.
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush for five days. Our practice will provide you with one. Brush with water only the first night after surgery.

Other Concerns

You may experience more extensive swelling with the removal of multiple teeth than with the extraction of a single tooth. You may also notice:

  • Soreness in your throat muscles.
  • Irritation or cracking around the corners of your mouth.
  • A slightly elevated temperature.

If any of these symptoms persist for more than a day or two, we encourage you to contact our practice.

Have Other Questions?

One of the reasons that patients refer their friends and family to our practice is our personal approach to care. Typically, we have a relationship of one sort or another with the patients who see us: they are friends of friends, know us through our involvement in the community, or had a chance to meet us over our more-than-two decades.

We offer excellent aftercare for multiple teeth removal and other procedures because these relationships matter as much as providing excellent outcomes. Whether you have a question about your recovery, need additional support, or simply want to speak with your doctor, we invite you to get in touch.

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