Crown Lengthening Monroe, Mint Hill and Charlotte


In dentistry a tooth is divided into the portion seen in the mouth, the crown, and the portion in the bone, the root(s).

Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that lengthens the crown portion of the tooth; this surgery would be done for 2 reasons.

  • ‘Gummy Smile’ is when there is more gum than tooth showing when smiling, a more aesthetic look can be achieved by removing and reshaping the gum tissue, and in some instances bone, around the teeth.
  • Broken down tooth requiring a laboratory made crown to restore function. When a tooth is broken down there may not be enough tooth structure for a filling and crown to be secured to it. In this case both gum tissue and bone will be surgically removed to give more tooth surface for the restoration to be cemented to. *** Please note; when bone is removed from between teeth, it not only affects the tooth that is being restored but also the tooth next to it.

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