Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is the collection of surgical procedures that support the health, aesthetics, function, and restoration of teeth and gums. Your oral surgeon or general dentist may recommend that you have a procedure to protect against future oral health problems or to help resolve an immediate problem, such as a missing tooth or impacted molars.

At Union Oral Surgery, Union County patients receive care from experienced and knowledgeable professionals. The procedures we offer are proven through years of practice and research and performed with comfort and safety as a priority.

Reasons for Oral Surgery

Here are some of the concerns that our practice helps patients address.

Missing Teeth

Traditional methods of tooth replacement, such as crowns and bridges, have a few drawbacks. For example, they require changing the shape and weakening the existing structure of the anchoring teeth. They also aren’t as durable as other options.

Union Oral Surgery provides patients with dental implants as a tooth replacement solution. This approach creates new tooth roots that promote the growth of bone in the area of the missing tooth and that restore full functionality to a patient’s bite. Our patients tell us that the procedure is very tolerable, and our approach and surgical resources help to minimize discomfort.

Poor-Fitting Dentures

When your dentures don’t fit properly, you may have trouble speaking, eating, or smiling with confidence. The shifting of dentures can also irritate your gums and potentially damage your remaining teeth.

Our practice may recommend an oral surgery procedure that revises the gums to create a better fit with your dentures. Alternatively, we may advise you to transition from adhesive-supported dentures to implant-supported dentures. This procedure places dental implants in strategic positions around the gums, and the dentures connect to these anchors. This approach can provide you with much greater strength and stability in your bite.

Wisdom Teeth

Union Oral Surgery recommends that patients have their wisdom teeth removed during their teenage years. This is the stage at which these teeth begin to develop and emerge.

Extracting wisdom teeth helps prevent pain, irritation, and oral health problems as you age. It also keeps these teeth from pushing adjacent teeth out of alignment. While the procedure is simpler and offers an easier recovery for teens, older patients may benefit from wisdom teeth extraction as well, particularly if they are experiencing tooth discomfort.

Non-Specific Oral Health Concerns

Union Oral Surgery removes unwanted growths, examines and treats lesions, and conducts cancer screenings for patients. We also provide oral surgery for facial trauma, impacted canines, and other issues.

Because our practice specializes in these types of procedures, we have invested in advanced tools and resources for our patients’ care. Your doctor may employ electric cautery or an erbium laser to improve precision and healing.

Managing Anxiety and Making Patients More Comfortable

Whether you have had procedures in the past or this is your first time having oral surgery, you may be entering treatment with some concerns about what to expect. At Union Oral Surgery, we make every effort to reduce discomfort and to give patients confidence in our care.

Part of this is the way we approach patient education. Before you have to decide about treatment, we will give you the opportunity to speak at length with your doctor. Patients tell us that this transparent and frank discussion helps them understand how oral surgery will work and the benefits they can expect.

In addition, our practice offers a variety of anesthesia options in procedures. The anesthesia we recommend will depend on:

  • The length of your procedure.
  • Your general health.
  • Your preferences for surgery.

You may receive a local anesthetic for numbing, oral sedation, nitrous oxide, or general anesthesia. With any of these options, we will take steps to ensure your safety during treatment.

Union Oral Surgery invites patients to get to know our doctors, staff, and practice. Contact us online or by phone to schedule an appointment.