Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed if They Are Not Causing Any Pain?

wisdom teeth union county Though many people often associate wisdom teeth with pain, the truth is that the experience isn’t painful for everyone. Some cut their wisdom teeth without experiencing any significant pain or discomfort, and for that reason, they believe they do not need wisdom teeth removal.

However, as the oral surgeons of Union Oral Surgery will tell you, painful teething isn’t the only reason to have wisdom teeth removal. In fact, there are several reasons to have wisdom teeth removal, including:

  • Most Mouths Aren’t Big Enough for Wisdom Teeth

The human mouth was designed to hold 28 teeth, the number of teeth we get in childhood and early adolescence. Our early human ancestors, though, often lost or damaged some of these teeth, due to the lack of formal oral hygiene and tougher diets. This is why oral surgeons believe that we grow wisdom teeth in the first place – to replace the teeth our ancestors of long ago lost due to the harsh conditions of their environments.

However, today most people do not lose teeth by early adulthood – the time at which wisdom teeth generally come in. This means, when wisdom teeth come in, your mouth goes from holding 28 teeth to 32 – something most human mouths can’t accommodate. Just the mere fact that our mouths are not designed to hold so many teeth is one of the many reasons why you should consider wisdom teeth removal, even if your wisdom teeth aren’t causing you any pain.

  • Wisdom Teeth Eruption Can Cause Oral Infections

As your wisdom teeth come in, they cut your gums and allow for bacteria to get into your gums and even reach your jawbone. If this bacteria grows, it can cause an oral infection, leading to foul breath, a bad taste in your mouth when you are eating food and even worse. To prevent oral infections, wisdom teeth removal is often indicated.

  • Wisdom Teeth Can Come in Angled or Impacted, and Negatively Impact Your Existing Smile

Because our mouths don’t have room for wisdom teeth, they seldom come in straight. In fact, many wisdom teeth come in angled, or impacted – meaning that their eruption is prevented by the jawbone or by the roots of other teeth. Both of these factors can cause your existing teeth to shift and misalign, thus affecting your beautiful smile. To keep the healthy smile that you love, wisdom teeth removal is often recommended.

  • The Older You Are, the Harder Wisdom Teeth Removal Is

As we age, the bones in our mouth become harder. And this means that it is more difficult to extract teeth the older you are. Even if your wisdom teeth aren’t causing you pain or trouble in your teens or early 20s, doesn’t mean they won’t as you get older. For this reason, many oral surgeons opt for wisdom teeth removal at a young age, to prevent further complications down the road.

Do You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Only an oral examination by an oral surgeon can determine if you need your wisdom teeth removed, even if they aren’t currently causing you pain. If your wisdom teeth are coming in, or they already have, you should contact Union Oral Surgery to see if wisdom teeth removal is necessary in your unique case.

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