Skin Types

There are 5 skin types.

NORMAL: skin when touched this skin it feels soft, the pores are hardly visible, the texture is fine and the color looks healthy.

OILY: skin is thick, the pores are enlarged and very easily seen, oil is going to be visible on the skin. Possible build up of dead skin cells, the skin is congested with breakouts.

DRY: skin is thinner, sagging and rough to the touch, with premature fine lines and wrinkles visible.

SENSITIVE: skin is warm to the touch and easily inflamed, and flaky due to fact that it is lacking moisture.

COMBINATION: skin has areas that it is rough to the touch in the area often referred to as the T Zone it is oily with comedones.


Misconceptions about skin types:

Your skin type DOES NOT change; You are born with a skin type that will be with you throughout your life.

This does not mean that someone with oily skin can not become ‘dehydrated’ and feel dry.

You can get breakouts with dry skin.

Your skin may not be sensitive; it may just be sensitized. Use of improper products, over stimulation, over treatment can all lead any skin type to become sensitized.


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