About Us

The services and procedures we offer relieve tooth pain and discomfort, restore smiles, improve the ability to chew, and prevent long-term dental issues.

Union County’s Premier Oral Surgery Practice

Union Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center was established in 1995 with the purpose of bringing the very best oral surgery care and dental implant treatment to adults and children in this area. Our practice has grown to become a regional leader in the field of implant dentistry. Our oral surgeons are all board certified and have extensive training, allowing them to provide treatment effectively, efficiently, and safely. They have worked together for years, and often collaborate on patient care to provide the best possible outcomes. From restoring smiles and improving the ability to chew, to extracting impacted teeth and enhancing the fit of dentures, we help patients feel more comfortable and confident every day.

Helping Patients Of All Ages

From three-day-old newborns to patients nearing 100 years of age, Union Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center can make a difference at every stage of life. Our doctors perform dental procedures to help babies nurse, remove impacted wisdom teeth from teenagers, and help adults maintain their smiles as they age. We realize that for many patients, our practice is their first experience with any type of surgery. Earning the trust of children, young adults, and seniors is important to us. We treat each patient as if they were our own family member. Along with our surgical expertise and dental knowledge, we’ll always offer compassion and understanding.

A Focus On Comfort

Our office provides a comfortable, low-anxiety atmosphere, where patients are greeted warmly at every visit. We understand that much patient anxiety comes from a fear of the unknown. That’s why our doctors and staff answer every question and explain every step of the treatment process so our patients know exactly what to expect.

No Pain, Big Gain

Pain is a primary concern for most patients who are about to undergo oral surgery. We understand. We’ve been there. From medication that can calm your nerves before a procedure to sedation and local anesthesia at our office, you can rest easy knowing we will always keep you comfortable and as pain-free as possible.

Connected To Our Community

We are very proud to have earned the 2019 Excellence In Small Business Award from the Union County Chamber of Commerce. This award is based upon business growth and improvement, good financial health, quality customer service, sustainability, overall excellence in the marketplace, and community contributions.