Why Would You Need Oral Pathology Services?

If you are having symptoms similar to the ones described below and want to know more about their cause, we encourage you to plan an oral pathology visit with our practice:

  • If you have a growth in your mouth, removal and biopsy can help you learn whether you need to take further actions to protect your health.
  • You don’t have to live with oral discomfort. Our practice offers a variety of treatments to manage or resolve ulcers, burning sensations, and reactions to medications.
  • If you smoke or chew tobacco or have a family history of oral cancer, getting checked out on a regular basis can give you greater peace of mind.

Early detection of malignant tissue provides you with more options for preventing its spread. Consider an appointment if you recognize any of these issues or experience other changes in your gums and mouth.

What Patients Can Expect

Start by scheduling an appointment at our Monroe of Mint Hill office. During your appointment, your doctor will take the time to conduct a full examination and to talk with you about symptoms and health issues you may be experiencing. Our practice will do everything it can to reduce your discomfort and anxiety and to get you clear answers and action steps.

Depending on your specific concern, here are some of the treatments we might provide:


You or your general dentist may have noticed a growth in your mouth, and your Union Oral Surgery doctor may recommend removing all or a portion of the growth to see if it requires further assessment or treatment. The doctor may use a simple brush biopsy to collect cells for oral pathology, or you may need to have the whole area removed. During this procedure:

  • Your doctor will provide your chosen anesthetic option to help keep you comfortable.
  • The doctor will use advanced biopsy tools that can offer greater precision, faster healing, and less discomfort.
  • After your procedure, the doctor will send the specimen to a medical pathologist, who can determine if the growth requires additional investigation by a specialist.

Treatment for Non-Specified Discomfort

As part of oral pathology, Union Oral Surgery helps diagnose patients who are experiencing discomfort or pain without any immediately visible cause.

Your doctor will start by discussing with you your family health history, medical history, current medications, behavior, diet, and other factors. These discussions can often help the doctor pinpoint the problem and offer solutions.

Our approach to treatment may include topical or oral medication. We can also administer medication to help heal areas of concern or to reduce your discomfort while they heal on their own.

Cancer Screenings

If you smoke or chew tobacco, you may be at risk for certain health problems. Union Oral Surgery provides patients with a simple screening to check for these issues.

During the visit, your doctor will examine your mouth, head, and neck for areas of tissue that appear abnormal. The examination is entirely painless, fast, and reliable for early detection.

If you have questions about screenings or any of our treatment options, we encourage you to contact our practice with questions.