What Oral Problems are Treated with Oral Surgery?

For many Union County residents who have never had oral surgery before, they may be wondering, “What are the reasons I would need to see an oral surgeon? What would make me a candidate for oral surgery?” The truth is, there are several reasons why a Union County resident may need to come to Union… Read more »

3 Signs You May Need Wisdom Teeth Removal

All you need to do is just mention to someone that you are getting your wisdom teeth, and they will likely cringe and give you immediate sympathy. These teeth, which grow in behind your back molars typically in your teenage years or early adulthood, thus the name “wisdom teeth,” are known to cause pain, swelling… Read more »

Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed if They Are Not Causing Any Pain?

Though many people often associate wisdom teeth with pain, the truth is that the experience isn’t painful for everyone. Some cut their wisdom teeth without experiencing any significant pain or discomfort, and for that reason, they believe they do not need wisdom teeth removal. However, as the oral surgeons of Union Oral Surgery will tell… Read more »

What are the Consequences of Not Getting My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Many people are uncomfortable with going to the dentist, and the idea of oral surgery like wisdom teeth removal causes a lot of fear and anxiety. However, Union Oral Surgery does everything possible to make you feel completely comfortable and relaxed during your wisdom teeth removal procedure. In addition, failing to get your wisdom teeth… Read more »

One stop shop in dentistry

As a society we have become accustomed to the convenience of shopping under one roof, whether it be the big super centers where is seems that anything and everything is for sale or the shopping malls where we can shop till we drop.