Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, typically appear in the teenage years. It’s around this time that families should begin planning for wisdom teeth removal. Extracting these teeth is a common milestone in healthy development, one that helps preserve a straight smile, protect against disease, and prevent discomfort as patients get older.

Families choose Union Oral Surgery for wisdom teeth removal because of our reputation for gentle care and expertise. Our doctors are oral surgery specialists who conduct these procedures daily and who invest in advanced equipment, resources, and training. We make the procedure as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible, helping the experience match the high quality of the outcome.

Why Do You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom teeth, which emerge in the back corners of your mouth, are generally the last four teeth to appear. Some people never develop wisdom teeth, while others have fewer or more than four.

Wisdom teeth may become “impacted”—meaning, they may not emerge completely from the gums—when there is no room for them in the jaw alongside your other teeth. This can:

  • Prevent you and your dentist from being able to clean the area properly.
  • Encourage the growth of bacteria.
  • Lead to pain, swelling, and tooth decay.

Even when wisdom teeth do emerge, they do not always grow in a way that is healthy for your smile. Crowding can create pressure against other teeth that:

  • Causes discomfort and pushes your smile out of alignment.
  • Damages or leads to decay in adjacent teeth.
  • Creates a cyst around the wisdom tooth.

Wisdom teeth removal gives patients a way to prevent these problems. The procedure is extremely common and very tolerable for most patients.

Why Should You Have Wisdom Teeth Removal at a Young Age?

Union Oral Surgery provides wisdom teeth removal to patients at different stages of life, but our doctors recommend early treatment. Having the procedure in your teens is a much more comfortable experience that can also protect your smile for years to come.

At a young age, wisdom teeth aren’t as fully developed, so we can keep the surgical procedure to a minimum. This means that you can heal more easily and quickly. Having wisdom teeth removal early also prevents the teeth from pushing their neighbors out of alignment, ruining orthodontic treatments, and weakening the jaw bone.

What Patients Can Expect with Wisdom Teeth Removal

Visit our offices for an initial consultation. In your appointment, your doctor will carefully evaluate your developing wisdom teeth and plan an approach to your procedure, which you will schedule with the practice at the end of your visit.

Whether you need one or multiple extractions, Union Oral Surgery has the technology, skill, and expertise to carry out the procedure safely and comfortably:

  • The majority of wisdom teeth removal patients receive local anesthetic as well as light sedation, which prevents them from experiencing pain during treatment.
  • We offer other anesthesia options based on the patient’s needs and preferences. At Union Oral Surgery, care is a collaborative experience.
  • You can have confidence in the extensive training of our staff. Our experienced oral surgeons are fellows of the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology, and all of our dental assistants hold certification with DAANCE (Dental Assistants Anesthesia National Certificate Examination). General anesthesia is monitored by a board-certified anesthesiologist as required.

The local anesthetic you receive after wisdom teeth removal will keep you profoundly numb for several hours. Your doctor will prescribe pain medication that you can take before sensation returns. After you have healed fully, you should be free from the risk that wisdom teeth present to a healthy, properly-aligned smile.

If your child is entering his or her teens—or if you are experiencing discomfort with your own teeth—schedule a visit with Union Oral Surgery for wisdom teeth removal. Contact our offices online or by phone.