What are the Consequences of Not Getting My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

wisdom teeth union county Many people are uncomfortable with going to the dentist, and the idea of oral surgery like wisdom teeth removal causes a lot of fear and anxiety. However, Union Oral Surgery does everything possible to make you feel completely comfortable and relaxed during your wisdom teeth removal procedure. In addition, failing to get your wisdom teeth removed can cause further pain, misaligned teeth and major problems for your oral health.

Failure to Have Wisdom Teeth Removal Can Prolong Oral Pain

Everyone knows that when wisdom teeth come in, it’s painful. Teething isn’t fun, especially when you’re an adult whose mouth really only has room for your existing 28 teeth, and not the four extra wisdom teeth that are trying to pop up. If you fail to get wisdom teeth removed, you’ll continue to experience the pain of your wisdom teeth coming in.

Not Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed Can Affect Your Existing Smile

Our mouths are only designed for 28 teeth. Oral surgeons consider wisdom teeth to be an evolutionary relic, since our ancestors likely lost teeth in their youth or early adulthood due to poor oral hygiene and harsher diets, thus necessitating the growth of additional teeth. But today, we have soft food diets, preventative dental care and dentists and oral surgeons to preserve our existing teeth, and we often don’t need our four extra wisdom teeth to come in.

Because our mouths don’t have room for our wisdom teeth, they sometimes come in impacted, meaning the roots of existing teeth or the jawbone block them from coming in. And when this occurs, your entire existing smile can be compromised, and wisdom teeth growth can cause shifting and misalignment of your existing teeth. Therefore, wisdom teeth removal is crucial to maintaining your existing, healthy smile.

Allowing Your Wisdom Teeth to Come in Can Cause Oral Infections

If you do begin to cut your wisdom teeth and do not opt for wisdom teeth removal, you will be increasing your risk for oral infection. When your wisdom teeth cut through the gums, they allow bacteria to get inside, which can grow and cause oral infections that result in foul breath, a bad taste when chewing, or worse. As you can see, wisdom teeth removal is important not only for your general comfort and aesthetic appearance but also for your overall oral health.

What does it Feel Like to Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed at Union Oral Surgery?

At Union Oral Surgery, we do our very best to make you completely comfortable throughout the entire process. First, you will receive a local anesthetic to numb the gums where the oral surgery will take place. Many of our patients also choose to have some form of sedation – either a conscious sedation in which they are awake, but not really aware of what’s going on, or anesthesia that puts them to sleep completely for the oral surgery.

After your procedure, you should only eat soft foods, do not smoke, and do not slurp or suck on a straw. You should ice your cheeks and jaws and take pain medication when your local anesthetic wears off.

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