What Oral Problems are Treated with Oral Surgery?

Oral Surgery union county For many Union County residents who have never had oral surgery before, they may be wondering, “What are the reasons I would need to see an oral surgeon? What would make me a candidate for oral surgery?” The truth is, there are several reasons why a Union County resident may need to come to Union Oral Surgery. Read on to discover more about some of the most common reasons that Union County residents have oral surgery.

 1. Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common reasons for oral surgery in Union County and beyond. The wisdom teeth, which typically come in during your teen years or early 20s, often cause pain, come in angled or are impacted. For these reasons, many dentists and oral surgeons recommend oral surgery to have your wisdom teeth permanently removed. Wisdom teeth removal is an outpatient oral surgery procedure with a recovery time of a few days to a week, depending on your unique case and how quickly you recover.

 2. Jaw Surgery

Jaw surgery is an oral surgery that is performed if your jaws don’t align correctly – which could have occurred from birth or be the result of abnormal jaw growth or trauma – or if your teeth don’t seem to fit your jaw. Jaw surgery is an oral surgery that can correct many problems for Union County residents, including difficulty chewing, biting and swallowing, speech problems and chronic jaw pain, as well as provide your face with a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

 3. Facial Trauma

If you’ve experienced facial trauma, you made need oral surgery and maxillofacial surgery to correct the damage done to your face. Reasons for oral surgery to treat facial trauma include internal oral lacerations, knocked out teeth, fractured facial bones (such as your cheeks, nose or eye socket) and fractured jaws. If you’ve had an accident and need facial surgery, you can trust the Union County oral surgeons at Union Oral Surgery to treat your injury and get you well on the path to recovery.

 4. Jawbone Grafting

If you’ve had missing teeth for a significant amount of time, then it’s highly likely that jaw reabsorption has occurred, meaning the area of the jaw associated with the missing teeth has shrunk, reduced or weakened. This makes you an unlikely candidate for dental implants to replace your missing tooth or teeth. However, oral surgeons can help you grow new bone to replace the depleted jawbone, providing more strength in your jaw. This is an oral surgery known as jawbone grafting.

 5. Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

If you are going to get prosthetic teeth – such as a dental bridge, dentures or a dental implant to replace weakened or infected teeth, you’ll need to have those natural teeth extracted. Tooth extraction is a common form of oral surgery, one that is performed routinely at Union Oral Surgery.

Learning More About Oral Surgery

If you are having significant tooth or jaw pain, or think you have one of the conditions listed above, it’s possible that you need oral surgery to correct your situation.

To learn if your unique needs require oral surgery, call the oral surgeons at Union Oral Surgery at (704) 291-7333.