Care After Oral Surgery with Dentures

Following oral surgery with dentures, patients can take certain steps to support their recovery. Here, Union Oral Surgery offers guidelines to help improve comfort, speed healing, and make for healthier outcomes.

While our practice provides a variety of procedures to improve the fit of dentures, the recommendations here are specific to care after surgery for removable dentures that will be supported by implants or All-on-4® / hybrid dentures. Typically:

  1. Patients receive temporary dentures after their dental implant procedure.
  2. Over 2-4 months, the surrounding bone forms a strong bond with the implants.
  3. Once the implants are ready, a restorative doctor replaces the temporary dentures with a permanent set.

After the first step—oral surgery with dentures— patients usually require 5-7 days to recover. Plan to go home and rest the day of the procedure, and expect to participate in only light activity over the two days that follow. By the fourth day, you should be able to return to your regular schedule.

Wearing Your Dentures

Once Union Oral Surgery places your temporary dentures, we ask that you leave them in for three full days. This can help prevent swelling, which could make it difficult to get the dentures back into your mouth.

Patients should not use denture adhesive for at least the first two weeks while the dental implant sites are healing. Adhesive can inhibit the recovery and has caused some implants to fail.

You will return to our practice for a follow-up appointment one week after surgery. We use this visit to evaluate healing and make adjustments to the temporary dentures. This helps ensure that your teeth are fitting and functioning properly.

Managing Discomfort

After your surgery, your doctor will provide you with several medications to prevent infection and reduce discomfort. You will have already participated in a complete medical examination and given a medical history, but if you have questions about drug interactions, we encourage you to contact our office with questions.

The medications you receive will include a strong pain medication, a milder pain medication, an antibiotic mouth rinse, and, potentially, an oral antibiotic. Most patients take the strong pain medication on Day 1 and Day 2 and continue to use the milder medication until their recovery is complete.

One aspect of healing we encourage you not to overlook is swelling. After oral surgery with dentures, we provide patients with an ice pack that they should use for at least two hours afterward. We recommend:

  • Applying the pack for 20 minutes.
  • Taking a 20-minute break.
  • Repeating the process.

Following this approach can significantly decrease pain and swelling.

Stitches and Bandages

You may receive stitches as part of your procedure. Union Oral Surgery uses sutures that dissolve after 3-5 days. This saves you a return visit to the practice and provides additional convenience in your recovery.

You will also get a set of gauze sponges that you can use to manage bleeding after oral surgery with dentures. Change these sponges every 15 minutes for about two hours (or longer if the bleeding has not yet stopped). Try not to disturb the surgical sites as you switch out the gauze.


Many of our patients are excited to have a restored set of teeth and look forward to the follow-up procedure that will trade the temporary dentures for their permanent set. Between these visits, however, we advise you to follow a careful diet that will allow the dental implants to heal properly in your mouth.

For the first two weeks after your surgery, stick to a soft foods diet only. This includes anything you can chew easily without pulling at stitches or putting undue pressure on the dental implants. Consider eating foods like spaghetti, casseroles, mashed potatoes, and yogurt.

It’s likely that you will have questions about this and other aspects of your recovery along the way. We encourage you to contact our practice with any concerns; we are here to help make your experience as comfortable as possible.

If you have questions following oral surgery with dentures, get in touch with us by phone or online. Call (704) 291-7333.